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Working with Pindare Films, you will experience the organisational skills of a professional film-making crew. 

From brainstorming through to planning, production, editing, and distribution, Pindare makes the whole process easy and straightforward.


We are obsessed with delivering your project on time and within budget, and content can be delivered in most mainstream formats.  Your full branding is part of the edit process.


Your project will be delivered with professionally captured and engineered audio, 4K picture quality, and resolutions suitable for a variety of distribution channels (DVD, AV system, or online, for example).


We work in partnership with industry professionals around the world, to offer our customers a full service, including still photography, transcripts of audio tracks, and consultation on effective audience engagement.


Our clients enjoy the experience we bring, with 12 years working for large corporations, smaller businesses, and motor sport teams in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

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